This English style single family home is located in the historic center of Sabadell.

The house is located on Llobet Street and is a clear example of how a fluid dialogue between the parts that make up a project can be decisive when it comes to the final result. From an architectural point of view, the building is articulated quite traditionally, with a center staircase core that leaves the distribution on both sides in a very orderly manner.

Once the pieces of the blocks are distributed, the relationship between the pieces and between the blocks with the core is worked, creating spaces full of filters and by that we turn a space that was completely divided to a series of fluid paths around the space.

The house’s volumes are clearly marked by combining both flat and tilted roof tops, these geometries aim to generate interior spaces where a maximum relationship between different uses and spaces is obtained, as well as gaining natural light.

At the same time, the inflection points where the roofs become flat are used to create exterior spaces as terraces on the first floor, obtaining the same ratio of interior-exterior spaces that occur on the ground floor. The roof also allows us to create cantilevers that protect and give continuity to the entire perimeter of the façade.


Images of the work in process


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