Next Arquitectura’s underlying goal is to take a step forward in architecture and to be able to develop all our knowledge in a type of architecture that is more personalized in the private sector, and to be able to give a quick response to promoters in a pre-project or investments that they intend to assess.

At the beginning, it was clear to us that we wanted to develop a comprehensive service for our customers, in order to perform personalized attention and to know how to interpret the needs of each client towards their own project.

We think that in the end, our work is simple; it is about listening carefully to the requirements that our client has, and our job is simply to be able to combine all the elements (distribution, structure, facilities, design and cost) to make the final project possible.

This personalized attention is given from the beginning, extracting all of the client’s needs and integrating them in the project; this is the point where we must know each of our clients’ desires and intentions for their project to be able to tailor each project according to their ideas and wishes.

We start by designing a preliminary project, we continue with the following design and construction phases as well as carry out an exhaustive monitoring of the work site and therefore try to ensure that the clients don’t have to worry at all about modifications and small inconveniences that arise during the construction process and so they can enjoy each phase of it.


To be able to work on the entire project options with the client, we use all of the tools that today’s technology offers us: renders, photorealistic images, photomontages, videos with 3D interior movement …

In this sense we have recently introduced into the office the drawing and management system of BIM projects that allows us to build, by using the computer, the house or project entirely in 3D. In this way we have total control of the design of the facilities, the structure and measurement s of the project.

Another important point within this service is to make a budget control of the project, to try to avoid any deviation from the beginning to the end of the work, so that the client can control at all times what the real cost of the project is.

In Next Arquitectura we follow an exhaustive control from the beginning of the project, the measurements and control of the work to ensure that on the one hand the client can have a tight and real budget from the beginning (to be able to fully assess the entire investment which must be done) and on the other hand finalize all of our projects with a budget differential = 0.

We offer this service to all of our clients, from private clients whom are self-promoted, small or medium sized promoters with small projects such as promotions of single family and multiple family houses or large investors destined to the hotel sector.

We understand any type of client, whether small or large, basically the needs are very similar although at different scales (cost control, technical control and innovative design).

We think that Next Arquitectura must be the TOOL that accompanies you at all times, advises you and allows you to make your projects or ideas true, whether it is a particular person who is seeking to build their home or if it is an investor who wants to make a great promotion.

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